TnT Giving Tree

TnT Gift Giving Tree

Trudy Grow (wife of RAEME member Damian Grow) and her friend, Tara, manage the “TnT Giving Tree on Facebook”. The role of TnT Giving Tree is to collect donations from community members then they distribute hampers, food/clothing packs, toys etc. to needy families. So far they have distributed a couple of dozen family Christmas packs this year, and the group runs all year round. The group is very proud of the difference they make to other people’s lives, particularly at this time of year. Damian contacted the Committee to advise that TnT Giving Tree is happy to donate to a needy family for Christmas. So, if anyone knows of a RAEME family who could benefit from some assistance please let me know. Julia (Welfare Advisor).

More information can be found here.... https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=giving%20tree

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