As with all Associations they must be run by a management committee. Below are the current members who have been elected or appointed to the committee. Committee Support volunteers are also listed.

If you have any questions please contact the relevant committee member. 

If their contact details are not listed please use the 'Contact Us' page and send a message to the relevant committee position.

Click on on the member's name to view their  bio!

President Perry Beor 08 9275 8595
Vice President Peter Collins 0419 043 102
Secretary Dick Fenton 0488 932 179
Membership Officer  Garry (Snow) Whykes 0411 810 077
Treasurer Peter Sills-Ohlsen 0433 522 577
Property Member Peter Sills-Ohlsen 0433 522 577
Webmaster Alex Smithers 0408 625 553
Horses Mouth Editor Perry Beor 08 9275 8595
Colonel Commandant Colonel Mark Sweetman  
Social Phil Ptchers 0403 342 105
Committee Support    
Welfare Advisor Julia Mackay-Koelen 0409 170 545
Chaplain TBC