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Royal Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers


Association in Western Australia

The Role of RAEME is to:  
"Provide Maintenance Engineering, Materiel Maintenance, Modification and Recovery Support to the Army"  
  Thank you for visiting our website. This original website was created in 1999 and is believed to have been the first such website in Australia.

Our website enabled the world-wide community of military engineers to establish contact, and furthermore the site enabled older comrades, colleagues and workmates to re-establish and maintain links.

Initially the site was hosted on a member's domain, where it was updated and maintained for approximately 5 years. Since 2006 our website has been hosted by the generous support of our RAEME friends at prerequisiteIT.

Speaking of Western Australia...

Here are some amazing (we think they are!) facts about our State:

  • Perth is the Capital City of Western Australia, which is the largest of the eight Australian states/territories.
  • Perth is the world's most isolated capital city and was proclaimed a City by Queen Victoria in 1856.
  • Western Australia has a coastline of 7000 km (4350 mi) and occupies over 2.5m sq km (975,000 sq mi)
  • Western Australia's extreme length is 2382 km (1480 mi) and it's extreme breadth is 1609 km (1000 mi), claiming almost one-third of the Australian land mass
  • The previous fact makes WA nearly four times the size of Texas!
  • The state is home to approximately 10% of Australia's population.
  • The Western Australian town of Marble Bar is Australia's hottest town, having recorded 163 consecutive days over 37.8o C (100o F).
  • The Kalgoorlie-Boulder Pipeline, designed by C.Y. O'Connor, was completed in 1903. Water travels along the pipeline for 10 days until it reaches its destination.
  • Western Australia lost its status as a free colony, with the arrival of 9669 convicts during the period 1850-1868.
  • Kalgoorlie's Golden Mile is the world's richest square mile of gold bearing earth.
  • Mount Augustus is the world's largest monolith (rock), rising 3627 ft above sea level. Yes, it's bigger than Uluru (Ayres Rock).
  • Ningaloo Reef, at 260 km in length, is Australia's longest fringing coral reef rich with sea life.
  • The West Australian has the biggest distribution run of any daily newspaper in the world. Delivery staff travel 30,000 km (18,700 mi) a day - nearly 10 million km each year. Delivery trucks take the paper as far as Carnarvon, Esperence and Kalgoorlie, while centres further afield are serviced by aircraft.
  • Wow! 
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