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Date Listed Name of Member Location Illness Point of Contact Email POC
25 May 20Bluey McAndrews Bluey McAndrews is in the Caboolture Private HospitalReceived the following from Brian Daley.
Bluey McAndrews has been in Caboolture Private Hospital for the past couple of weeks.
He is slowly slipping away and most likely won’t come out of hospital. He is in reasonably good spirits and knows what’s happening.
The family have been given some dispensations on visitors so if you wish to visit him in Caboolture Private Hospital.
Please make contact with his son Peter prior to going on this number please 0422 470 820.
Please make contact with his son Peter prior to goContact POC
13 Apr 20Frank BenfieldCurrently homeDear Friends.
For a week or more, I’ve been wanting to craft this story of my recent journey into poor health of the brain cancer kind. Hopefully it won’t be too detailed for you readers. It is something of a chronology and I’ll begin on 08 February 2020 at Mooloolaba Beach public toilet when at about 9.00am I experienced a serious seizure of unknown origin before passing out in the dunny. I was recovered by the Life Savers and Clare and then the paramedics who took me off for admission to the Sunshine Coast University Hospital (SCUH) which is quite close to our house. That admission led to a comprehensive range of blood tests, scans and analyses. ON 27 February 2020 an MRI at Nambour hospital provided a confirmed diagnosis of the large aggressive, inoperable brain tumour that had taken up residence in the back of my skull and we were told was resistant to treatment. The prognosis is grim, I’m sorry to say. Subsequent surgical biopsy confirmed all of those adjectives and fin
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