Military Wives Choir

Military Wives Choir

The Military Wives Choir is not only for wives….but also siblings, girlfriends, mothers, aunties and children of a service member (over 18 years of age). Even acting/reserve service members can join if rehearsals and performances do not conflict with their work responsibilities.

The group has just started up and keen to encourage membership, not only for the obvious reason of having a choir but also to promote friendship, peer support, positive mental health and all that good stuff that I am sure you agree comes naturally when we join forces in community projects such as this. It also provides a very public show of support for our service men and women which you all know I am very keen to continue in everything I do. As a proud mum of a 3RAR soldier, this choir has a special place in my heart and it will be for my son that I sing.

Rehearsals start next Thursday at the Bicton Palmyra RSL Hall at 7pm. I will be there…more in a supportive role, unless they can create miracles and radically shape up my vocals.

We hope to, in the not too distant future, be able to offer our services to you at events you may hold.

I thank you for your generous support of this project.

Warmest regards,

Claire Hunt

Defence Transition Mentor

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