Vietnam Day/Long Tan Day 2019

Vietnam Day/Long Tan Day 2019

The RAEME Banner was held high on Sunday the 18th August where it took pride in place at the front of the Vietnam / Battle of Long Tan Day march.  This years march was well attended..

This years formalities recognised the significance of the 53rd anniversary of The Battle of Long Tan however concentrated on the Battle of Binh Bah. The battle occurred 50 years ago and was fundamental to clearing Binh Ba village of a significant enemy force that had been assembled to threaten Nui Dat.

"The Battle of Binh Ba: 6-7 June, 1969. The Battle of Binh Ba, fought 50 years ago on June 6 and 7, 1969 was a key moment in the history of Australian operations in Vietnam and is a prime example of combined arms and joint operations in general, and infantry and armour cooperation in particular." (army.gov.au)  To read more about the battle click HERE.

Unfortunately we had a reduced attendance at lunch (a few late withdrawals due to ill health), however those who attended had a great time.

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