Army Reserves - Job Opportunity

Expressions of Interest are being sought to fill the following task: Logistics Staff - 13 CSSB - Irwin Barracks

  • all SERCAT 3 pers who are interested in doing days – either on DA26 or if they would like to transfer back into SERCAT 5, and
  • any SERCAT 2 pers who are interested in undertaking a SERCAT transfer to either SERCAT 3 or 5 capacity to do days.
  • Defence as part of the Army Objective Force and Army Force Structure Implementation Plan sees a growth in service opportunity within WA over the coming years.
  • there are numerous ARES opportunities that exist within 13 CSSB as part of the TWS 13 CSSB are flexible in members ability to provide effective service – i.e. it doesn’t have to be a traditional Tue evening, but if you can provide effective service through a parading schedule (other evening, during the week or on weekends, i.e. give a two week period to support a course) 13 CSSB are interested.

All interested pers are to e-mail the 13 CSSB POC (details below) – outlining the following:

  • Ability to physically parade at Irwin Barracks
  • Approximate number of days and frequency based on their civilian employment
  • Years since last conducted service (in either a SERCAT 3 DA26 capacity, SERCAT 5 ARTS or SERCAT 7)

Skills required:  As per ECN 
Preferred rank is from:    Any Rank
Employment Type:    Preferably SERCAT  5 however SERCAT 3 opportunities are also considered.  
Preferred Location:  Perth
Security Clearance:  NV1
Duration:   ongoing

Personnel Required:  5
ARTS Available:   Yes

Task POC:

WO1 Michael Edwards – RSM 13 CSSB, e-mail – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and mobile: 0438 395 658 

EOI for this Task/Vacancy are to be submitted by reply email NLT COB 9 April 21. Replies should include PMKeyS Number, Name, Rank, ECN.

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