Reserve Work Opportunity

Reserve Work Opportunity

Expressions of Interest are being sought to fill the following task: Any Corps SNCO/ WO – Unit OPS / Training Cell

All SERCAT 3 pers who are interested in doing days – either on DA26 or if they would like to transfer back into SERCAT 5, and any SERCAT 2 pers who are interested in undertaking a SERCAT transfer to either SERCAT 3 or 5 capacity to do days SERCAT 3 pers who are available for specific training activities either on DA26 or if they would like to transfer back into SERCAT 5.

Defence as part of the Army Objective Force and Army Force Structure Implementation Plan sees a growth in service opportunity within WA over the coming years. There are numerous ARES opportunities that exist within 13 CSSB as part of the TWS.  13 CSSB are flexible in members ability to provide effective service – i.e. it doesn’t have to be a traditional Tue evening, but if you can provide effective service through a parading schedule (other evening, during the week or on weekends, i.e. give a two week period to support a course) 13 CSSB are interested.

All interested pers are to e-mail the 13 CSSB POC (details below) – outlining the following:

Ability to physically parade at Irwin Barracks

Approximate number of days and frequency based on their civilian employment

Years since last conducted service (in either a SERCAT 3 DA26 capacity, SERCAT 5 ARTS or SERCAT 7)

Skills required:  Any ECN 

Preferred rank is from:    SNCO/ WO

Employment Type:    Preferably SERCAT  5 however SERCAT 3 opportunities are also considered.
Preferred Location:  Perth, however pending on days able to be render 13 CSSB will also consider remote work options for suitable personnel

Security Clearance:  NV1

Duration:   ongoing

ARTS Available:   Yes

Task POC:

WO1 Michael Edwards – RSM 13 CSSB, e-mail – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and mobile: 0438 395 658 

EOI for this Task/Vacancy are to be submitted by reply email NLT COB 21 Jul 21. Replies should include PMKeyS Number, Name, Rank, ECN.

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