Corp History Project Raffle


CHP Raffle

Process RAEME Corps History Book Raffle for Non Serving members, All Corps members can use this system however there is another process for Full Time serving folk, ask your senior RAEME Rep.

Hi Folks,

Tickets for the RAEME Corps History Book Raffle detailed in the recent Corps Newsletter are now available. Tickets will cost $2 or 5 for $8. It is anticipated that the draw will be on the final day of the Corps Conference to take place later in the year. A flyer detailing the prizes is attached.
When a member pays, fills out the form an email will be sent to the purchaser with their ticket number. The form works on any smart phone/ tablet or computer so members shouldn't have any problem purchasing tickets. Payment must be completed before form is submitted.

If you buy multiple tickets you will be only issued one ticket!  This ticket will be entered into the draw the number times equalling the number  of tickets you purchased.  This occurs automatically as it is an electronic raffle.

Online Application Form
Members can pay by BSB electronic funds Transfer using the account details below:
BSB: 803 205
Acc: 203 722 86
Acc Name: RAEME Corps Fund
Description “Your surname”
Confirmation Number on the submit form is your receipt number from your financial institution/bank, cheque number. money order number etc etc.

Contact for any further information:
G.J. COOKMAN (Gavin)
102 FD WKSP 3CSSB Laverack Barracks
Tel: (07) 4411 17693
Mob: 0432 079 223




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