In Rememberance of Glen Fuchs

In Rememberance of Glen Fuchs

To Members of RAEME Association – Bulimba.

I was notified 24 June by Max Bond of the parting of Glen Fuchs, the Past President of this Group.

I have since contacted Glens wife and on behalf of the Association will be giving a special thanks to Glen and our association of many past members of Workshops, LAD's, EME Services Unit and my involvement for 9 years at 1 Base Workshops. Glen passed away after hospitalisation at Cairns Base Hospital as a result of Cancer after treatment and radiation. I was advised by his wife that he was comfortable and passed away peacefully. My wife Carmel and myself will be attending this Service.

I have included the Funeral Notice issued in today's Cairns Post 25 June 2014 with reference to the Service arrangements.

Please pray for Glens immediate family this Friday.

The remembering of those special times we had shared together.

At Bulimba, Greenbank, Tin Can Bay, Shoalwater Bay, and Redbank. The journey to Stradbroke Island with the assistance of Small Ships, one accidentally ramming a hidden sandbank in the middle of Morton Bay and having to wait 4 hours for high time before continuing our journey to the designated exercise area – I was on it. The traffic flows held up by convoys travelling at 30mph – it took some years to speed up convey journeys - 8 hours to Tin Can Bay.

The assistance given to employers in identifying the skills and achievements identified within the RAEME Service, the variety of skills deployed from trades people in their role to maintain efficiency in regards to plant, vehicles and equipment through the application of an Employers and a Family day to show what can be achieved through training in the Army.

The social areas was also supportive in the area of commitment to our own family members and children. The RAEME formal evenings with our wives, the shared Christmas family days at Bulimba; the children rides in M113's around the grounds.

The support and participation by members at the local and Brisbane Anzac Day parades, and most recently under the RAEME Banner.

These are special and the sharing of these past gifts identifies we are blessed with the support of our members and their immediate families.

I could go on but if other members wish to add further brief information, please feel free to advise prior to Friday Morning using my Email address trevorj3 @bigpond.com (no Space between the 3 and @ with the line through the address bar may be misinterpreted for the letter " j" for the letter "i" )

Bless you all and we will do our best at the formal service for our friend and mate – Glen

Trevor and Carmel Kerlin


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