Sick Report: "Tubes" Gerheardt RA

Hello everyone,

This is yet another very difficult message for me to write considering what has happened over the past fortnight with the tragic
loss of a very special friend in Skeeta Ryan.

During the course of letting everyone know that we had lost Skeeta Ryan I received a message from Len Stainer advising me that
Tubes Gerhardt was very sick after being diagnosed with a brain tumour and that he was preparing for Chemo and radiation treatment.

Although I had contact details for Tubes after I spoke to him a few years ago after we received news that he had died, thankfully it
wasn't Tubes who had passed away. I was unable to contact Tubes to get an insight into his condition and therefore I was not going
to put out any false or misleading information.

Tubes is a very unique character and member of our extensive RAEME Aviation family. We all have fond memories of him and the
excellent work he and his team did in carrying out all of the different painting tasks which included painting "Mush Bush" Peter
Robinsons Volkswagen back at Amberley.

I remember seeing firsthand the terrible damage the exposure to all the paints and chemicals had caused to Tubes over the years and
I know he suffered badly from those exposures.

For those who are not aware I have been out of action for the past week, I had a little bed rest, and therefore I was unable to follow up on
making contact with Tubes.

I called in a favour and Frank Benfield put his hand up, as he always does, to make contact with Tubes and his wife Riza, who Frank
introduced to Tubes in Indonesia.

Yesterday Frank spoke with Riza and she was delighted to hear from him as she had fond memories of both Frank and Frank's wife Clare.

Below please find a summary of the report by Frank Benfield on Tubes;

G'Day Len.

Yesterday, in response to message from you and Len Stainer, I spoke with Wayne Raymond "Tubes" Gerhardt's wife
Riza concerning Tubes' poor health. During a long and pleasant conversation, Riza advised me of the following:

• They reside at 313 Gray St ROADVALE QLD 4310 and would welcome contact by post to that address or
by email to < Please use the sick parade contact link so they don't get spam emails! click Here>;

• Tubes fell ill early in June 2014, causing the cancellation of a trip to visit family in the USA and admission
to Greenslopes Hospital;

• Following investigations and tests he was found to be suffering from a very aggressive brain tumour, a
glioblastoma multiforme or a malignant neoplasm of the brain and underwent corrective surgery;

• Tubes was and remains confused, very frustrated and is experiencing poor comprehension and rests/sleeps
in bed during most of the day;

• His long term memory seems fine but he is struggling with more recent events; he doesn't know what is going
on and is suffering from some swelling of the brain;

• Next Monday, 28 July 2014, Tubes begins a 6 weeks course of DVA sponsored treatment (He is in receipt of
TPI pension) at Greenslopes Hospital which includes chemo and radiation therapy following an earlier surgery;

• His prognosis for the time being is uncertain until the effects of the radiation and chemo therapies is known
after the next six weeks;

• Riza and Tubes plan to travel to Greenslopes from their Roadvale/Boonah home for daily treatment on Monday
and return on Fridays for the period of this treatment; and

• Riza said they would welcome contact from friends, especially any of Tubes friends from Amberley, Oakey and
Indonesian service with RAEME units supporting Army Aviation, whether that contact is by post or email (see
first point above) which she will read to Tubes.

Tubes has been a great friend to many who had the pleasure of serving with him and an excellent tradesman/craftsman.
Time will tell how effective the treatment is going to be however, in the meantime we will provided whatever support and
encouragement we can to both Tubes and Riza. Kind regards, Frank Benfield

We will maintain contact with Riza and Tubes and keep you informed of his wellbeing. Due to the fact that Tubes starts six weeks of
treatment this coming Monday getting access to him may be rather difficult however, by all means please send an Email or message to
Riza and Tubes and you may be able to organise something with them.

If you are in contact with any friends of Tubes who you think may like to know of his wellbeing please feel free to distribute a copy of
the message according.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Tubes and Riza at the very difficult time and the next few months could been extremely hard for them.
So any support or encouragement you can provide to them will I am sure be greatly appreciate.

If you get a chance to see Tubes and Riza please give them my love and best wishes.

Finally, a special thanks to Len Stainer and Frank Benfield for alerting us to the fact that Tubes is very sick and for making contact with Riza and getting the details we have provided above.
Len and K Avery


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