Corp History Project Book Update

Dear All,


On the 21 Aug 14, I provided an update on the progress of the Corps’ new memoir, “With Skill and Fighting – Craftsmen of the Australian Army 1942-2014”.  The key advice from that email was:

  • the final version of the Corps History manuscript was ‘with the publishers’;
  • the team had undertaken ‘additional proof-reading .. ..to assure the authenticity of some stories’; and
  • that proof reading had ‘added delay to the publication schedule by about two months’. 

I went on to say, in part, that the publisher was undertaking the layout work and when the layout was finalised, we would ‘then proof read the final version of the book, before sending it off-shore to be printed, and that our best advise is that these activities will not be concluded until late December.’

Where are we today? I am pleased to report that:

  • the book’s layout work has been completed and BRIG Mathewson, Head of Corps RAEME, and I, are currently proof reading the final manuscript – cover to cover;
  • the author, Max Carmichael, and I, will be visiting the publisher’s office on 18 Nov 14 to discuss the final editing, as a result of that proof reading exercise, to correct statements of fact, syntax, punctuation and the layout of some photos and text; and
  • I intend firming the final part of the schedule leading to distribution of the book in the new year.

We have waited a long time for this book and I admire your patience.  Those of us, who have read it from cover to cover, are equally patient, but more importantly, confident we have great stories to tell about the Corps and its members, which will not only be appealing, but will also rightfully promote the reputation of the Corps. 

More advice will be forthcoming, but I encourage you all to continue monitoring the new RAEME National Association website and RAEME Face book. http://www.raeme.org.au/ .  If you wish to place an order, please go to the “shop” tab on the website and follow the prompts.



Ross L.G. Grant

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