Update: Ron "Scrubby" Dyne

G’Day Everyone.

I’m writing to provide an update of Ron Dyne’s condition.  First, have a read of this recent article from the local paper concerning Scrubby: http://www.frasercoastchronicle.com.au/news/down-but-not-out-dynes-greatest-test/2458916/">http://www.frasercoastchronicle.com.au/news/down-but-not-out-dynes-greatest-test/2458916/

Yesterday, Clare and I visited Ron to sort out some DVA business and offer our ongoing support.  We were also lucky to share some time with his youngest brother and sister-in-law and let me tell you that they never broke the mould after Ron was born.  J

Let me offer some observations and information from yesterday’s visit and recent visits to the Dyne’s Gympie home.  Scrubby's term of chemotherapy was unsuccessful and he decided a couple of weeks ago to cease it altogether.  In particular the chemo was knocking him around more than he could tolerate and during that treatment one of his tumours, the worst one in the pancreas, not only resisted the chemotherapy but grew.  So Ron decided to cease the regular trips to Kawana Hospital and stay home and wait it out.  He tells us he is feeling better without the treatment and so far he hasn't been feeling much in the way of consequences from his disease. 

Personally, when I stand next to him or sit across the table from him and talk to him, sadly I see plenty of evidence of his terminal illness and it is particularly sad to see Scrubby Dyne like this, but we can offer our support.  Dulcie is Ron’s rock of support, of that there is no doubt but fragility and distress isn’t far from the surface, poor girl.   And the worst is yet to come.  On the kitchen bench is a stack of get well cards which are treasured by Ron and Dulcie and yesterday a smaller pile of cards was growing higher beside the get well cards, because … 

yesterday was Ron’s 69th birthday and I know he would love to hear of your support for him and Dulcie and therefore I think it would be a great idea to bombard him with both birthday and get well cards.  Could you all consider sending him a card or two please.  I’d be best pleased if you shared this message around the RAEME and ex-Apprentices networks.

The mailing address is 12 Calistemon Ct, SOUTHSIDE QLD 4570.

Kind regards

Frank Benfield

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