Phil Pitchers


I served 27+ years in The Australian Army, followed by my current occupation, working with The Centre for Cerebral Palsy in WA.

Military Service (some postings)

1964-66 Army Apprentice, 19th VM,

1968-69 SVN – 102 FD WKSP,

1970-71 ANARE re-supply,

1979-83 SASR

1987-89 12 CE Works PNG

Aug 1991- Discharge – WO1 Perth Logistics Bn.

The experience and knowledge gained from working in such a diverse array of technical postings set me up for civilian life, where I was able to utilise my “transferable skills” in engineering management and people skills to secure a position in civilian life. This was a role that entailed managing a manufacturing business that also supported more than 60 employees who had various forms and degrees of disability.

Civilian Employment

I commenced working for The Centre for Cerebral Palsy the day after my official discharge on 4 August 1991, I am still employed by The Centre. I progressed from managing the workshop and service, as mentioned above, to my current position of General Manager of Employment Services for the organisation. This role incorporates being the General Manager of Goodwill Engineering, a successful business, overall management of another employment service and being a member of the organisation executive team. A very satisfying and rewarding chapter in my working life.


I am married to Maureen and we have two children, (boys), who are in their early to mid-thirties. Both are married and our youngest has two young daughters. We live in a northern suburb of Perth.

I am happy to include my phone details should anyone wish to catch up for a friendly chat or to discuss any issues regarding service life and/or life after service.

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