Written By: Vice President of the ACT TPI Association

1.      Reviews of Income Support Payments.  There will be additional reviews of income support payments – e.g. Service Pension.  The reviews will be increased from 12,000 to 20,000 reviews per financial year.  These reviews do not involve DVA disability pensions.

2.   Invalidity Payments under SRCA and MRCA.  Veterans’ incapacity payments for disabilities accepted under SRCA and MRCA, will be reviewed by a medical specialist after 12 months of payments.  This is in line with Centrelink Disability Pensions.  These reviews will not affect members receiving any rate of disability pension, including the Special Rate pension under the VEA, or the Special Rate of Disability Pension under the MRCA.

3.      Commonwealth Seniors Health Card (CSHC).  From 20 Sep 14, the index will be measured annually against the income limit movement by the CPI.  This will result in additional retirees becoming eligible for CSHC.  This will allow more retirees access to medicines listed on the Pharmaceuticals Benefits Scheme at a concessional rate.  The CSHC is subject to an adjustable taxable income test and include untaxed superannuation income in the eligibility assessment.  Income will also include untaxed superannuation income in the assessment of income to determine eligibility from 1 January 2015.


Department of Defence
DEFGRAM 246/2014
Issue Date: 14 May 2014
Expiry Date: 15 August 2014


1. The Government announced on 13 May 2014 a new, modern military superannuation arrangement, to be known as ADF Super, for people joining the permanent Australian Defence Force (ADF) from 01 July 2016.

2. Introduction of ADF Super boosts the Defence employment offer by allowing ADF members to choose which superannuation fund they belong to and, for the first time, give those members the ability to transfer their accumulated benefits to a new fund if they leave the ADF.

3. ADF Super will also accommodate flexible work arrangements, an important reform being introduced under Project Suakin the future ADF workforce model.


DVA WA Budget Edition

DVA WA Budget Special email news bulletin


CHP Raffle

Process RAEME Corps History Book Raffle for Non Serving members, All Corps members can use this system however there is another process for Full Time serving folk, ask your senior RAEME Rep.


This video was taken by some dirt bike riders along the continental divide, who stumble upon a Vietnam memorial in the woods. Whoever did it, put a lot of time and money into it. Spooky, to say the least.

As usual the government is non-committal at best over it.....evidently hunters and some vets must be aware of it as there are numerous 7.62x51 and 30.06 rounds on some of the ledges between the stones.