Coral and Balmoral, Battle of Fire Support Bases

For those interested in such things. A documentary on the battle at Fire Base Balmoral will be aired shortly on the ABC. The doco “The Crater” will be shown nationally on ABC TV at 2130 on the 3rd of April 2015 for those interested.

Coral and Balmoral, Battle of Fire Support Bases

During the "Mini-Tet" offensive mounted by Viet Cong and North Vietnamese forces in May 1968, the 1st Australian Task Force deployed two battalions to an area 20 kilometres north of Bien Hoa city to intercept and disrupt enemy forces withdrawing from the capital, Saigon, and the Bien Hoa–Long Binh base complex. Several fire support bases (FSB) were established to provide defended firing points for artillery and mortars which would cover foot patrols to be sent out by the battalions (1RAR and 3RAR). One of these FSBs was dubbed "Coral", situated 7 kilometres.....



I advised recently on the RAEME National Website, and in the last edition of the RAEME Association Queensland ‘Spanner News’ for 2014, that the final manuscript for the CHP book was with the publishers, and a number of our team were collaboratively completing the final editing process. I am happy to report the book was provided to the printers shortly thereafter.

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Corp History Book - Update


I advised on 23 Nov 14 that the final manuscript for the CHP book was with the publishers, and a number of our team were completing the final editing process collaboratively with them – see the attached email.

I am happy to report the book has now been provided to the printers, who advise that the printing will be completed by late March and delivered in bulk to the Corps Cell Bandiana by mid-April.

Given this firmer time-line, I have recommended to the HOC, BRIG Andrew Mathewson that the project team continue:

  • with the on-line sales process over the next few months, and subsequently, the HOC Cell commence the distribution of the books as soon as they are able, following receipt of the books at Bandiana, in April 2015;
  • to schedule the book launch activities at the AWM, for either 11 June (in the week of the Queen’s Birthday holiday) or the next week of June 2015 – BRIG Mathewson has agreed to manage this aspect of the book’s progress with assistance from COL Tom Reynolds the COL COMDT – NSW/ACT, and that the launch will include the AWM’s ‘Last Post Ceremony’ and other activities to which a number of people will be invited. COL Reynolds is currently looking at the availability of the AWM for the launch, on the aforementioned dates, and the best method for conducting the ‘Last Post Ceremony’, to make the launch very special; and
  • I will continue to provide progress reports to you (our purchasers and sponsors) as the book’s delivery dates are firmed, and as the AWM launch activities become clearer.

Thank you once again for all your patience – we can all now see the finish line more clearly.

Late news: HOC BRIG Mathewson in collaboration with COL Tom Reynolds and after consultation with the AWM, has agreed don a book launch date of 15 Jul 15. More detail will follow.

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