Straight from the Horse's Mouth

Ladies and Gents,

We are proud to announce the impending release of RAEME's new humour book, Straight from the Horse's Mouth.

This book is a compilation of 101 funny stories from around our Corps. Some of these stories go back to the late 1940s, being when our Corps was in its infancy.

Names have been changed to protect the innocent (and the not-so-innocent) but we are sure those who were there at the time will remember exactly what happened.

Reserve Work Opportunity

Expressions of Interest are being sought to fill the following task: Any Corps SNCO/ WO – Unit OPS / Training Cell

All SERCAT 3 pers who are interested in doing days – either on DA26 or if they would like to transfer back into SERCAT 5, and any SERCAT 2 pers who are interested in undertaking a SERCAT transfer to either SERCAT 3 or 5 capacity to do days SERCAT 3 pers who are available for specific training activities either on DA26 or if they would like to transfer back into SERCAT 5.

Defence as part of the Army Objective Force and Army Force Structure Implementation Plan sees a growth in service opportunity within WA over the coming years. There are numerous ARES opportunities that exist within 13 CSSB as part of the TWS.  13 CSSB are flexible in members ability to provide effective service – i.e. it doesn’t have to be a traditional Tue evening, but if you can provide effective service through a parading schedule (other evening, during the week or on weekends, i.e. give a two week period to support a course) 13 CSSB are interested.

ANZAC Day 2021


Please find attached the ANZAC Day Parade Order of March, maps and details about form up locations.

Please note that there are no COVID 19 restrictions on the Parade other than us having to acknowledge social distancing.

This means we will be marching four abreast this year and will be ensuring spacing between each line.

Also attached is the QR code for the Parade. Please circulate this broadly and encourage people to Check-in using the SafeWA  app ahead of assembly at the form up area to help alleviate the queues. There will be physical sign in at the registration desk as well.

Army Reserves - Job Opportunities

Expressions of Interest are being sought to fill the following task: Various roles with 13X

The 13 Brigade (13X) is looking to grow significantly in the coming months with a diverse range of opportunities.

1. Reservists with military or civilian construction, qualified trade experience and qualifications. (Electrical, Plumbing, Construction etc) 

2. Administration roles to support the 13 BDE HQ. If you are a clerk, planner or have relevant office assistance/ human resource experience this could be suitable for you. 

3. Logistics and Support roles including Drivers, Supply Chain and Movements personnel. 

The Army is working to provide more diverse employment opportunities for reserves. To help identify possible roles and broaden your prospects, there is an opportunity to list any civilian skills upon application of this role. 

The Australian Army has teamed up with WithYouWithMe to help understand new skills that people may have obtained since ceasing full time service and match this to in-demand roles currently available.

If you are looking for reserve service, please express interest and apply for this role through WithYouWithMe using the link below.  


Preferred Rank:

Employment Type:

Part-time / Flexible

Preferred Location:
WA & Remote working available

No of personnel required


Security Clearance:


If you have questions regarding this EOI please direct it to the Team’s In-Box - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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