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A new edition of the QLD RAEME Association Spanner News has been released.  It can be viewed HERE.

Sick Parade - Terry Milfull

Good Morning everyone.

This is to advise that Terry Milfull (ex RAEME) is in palliative care at Logan Hospital and won't be returning home. He is not a member of our Sub Branch but is well known to several of our members.

I have advised the 173rd Airborne Assoc., to which he belongs.

Terry has been placed on the Sick Parade Rollbook.  Please see HERE.


Allan Ploenges
Springwood Tri-Service
RSL Sub Branch

In Rememberance of Glen Fuchs


: In Rememberance of Glen Fuchs

To Members of RAEME Association – Bulimba.

I was notified 24 June by Max Bond of the parting of Glen Fuchs, the Past President of this Group.

I have since contacted Glens wife and on behalf of the Association will be giving a special thanks to Glen and our association of many past members of Workshops, LAD's, EME Services Unit and my involvement for 9 years at 1 Base Workshops. Glen passed away after hospitalisation at Cairns Base Hospital as a result of Cancer after treatment and radiation. I was advised by his wife that he was comfortable and passed away peacefully. My wife Carmel and myself will be attending this Service.


2014 Budget Impacts



Written By: Vice President of the ACT TPI Association

1.      Reviews of Income Support Payments.  There will be additional reviews of income support payments – e.g. Service Pension.  The reviews will be increased from 12,000 to 20,000 reviews per financial year.  These reviews do not involve DVA disability pensions.

2.   Invalidity Payments under SRCA and MRCA.  Veterans’ incapacity payments for disabilities accepted under SRCA and MRCA, will be reviewed by a medical specialist after 12 months of payments.  This is in line with Centrelink Disability Pensions.  These reviews will not affect members receiving any rate of disability pension, including the Special Rate pension under the VEA, or the Special Rate of Disability Pension under the MRCA.

3.      Commonwealth Seniors Health Card (CSHC).  From 20 Sep 14, the index will be measured annually against the income limit movement by the CPI.  This will result in additional retirees becoming eligible for CSHC.  This will allow more retirees access to medicines listed on the Pharmaceuticals Benefits Scheme at a concessional rate.  The CSHC is subject to an adjustable taxable income test and include untaxed superannuation income in the eligibility assessment.  Income will also include untaxed superannuation income in the assessment of income to determine eligibility from 1 January 2015.


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