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From Deployment to Employment: Agricultural Jobs for Veterans - A New Initiative

Who Benefits?

After serving in the military, the transition back to civilian life can be difficult, especially when looking for employment. It can be particularly hard for those who are wounded – whether the wounds are physical or not quite so visible from the outside.

Fortunately, there is one industry that could suit your existing skill set and outlook: agriculture.

This has led Agri Labour Australia and Walking Wounded to join forces.

Our aim is to help veterans find stable, rewarding roles that match existing skills and abilities.
We hope to bridge the gap between deployment and employment, helping our returning soldiers find meaningful careers while also safeguarding the future of our nation’s great farming tradition.

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The results from the  Public Sector Commission’s Transitioning from Defence Forces to Public Sector Employment  project.  The key recommendation to the Minister is the deliverable of a Talent Attraction Product (TAP).  To view the report please click HERE.

in the Public Sector Commission’s Transitioning from Defence Forces to Public Sector Employment  project. 

The latest DVA news can be found here: DVA E-News

DVA E-News



Badge Day is just one month away and we are gearing up to have as many volunteers as possible throughout Perth sell our special Legacy badges, shake tins and raise money for Legacy this April!

Hi Folks,

Could I please ask that you share the following sign to your different groups to let them know what is out there that they can participate in on a weekly basis. Obviously this is the beginning and we are hoping that the timings and locations are right. If there is any feedback, we would be happy to hear it so we can adjust the programs to suit maximum participation.

The Hydrotherapy is a trial program. It is free and comes without the usual requirement of a GP referral. This is on trial for 3 – 6 months and will continue on if it shows to be of value, and if it gets great participation, we will look to expand to other areas as well.

I would love your support to get these activities booming.