Mil Art Program Schedule 2016


Due to the ongoing success of the Military Art Program, the schedule for September - December 2016 is no out!

The Military Art Program Australia is a not for profit organisation developed from a desire to provide access to greater services and free classes in arts, for the benefit of current and former serving Defence Force veterans

The classes cater for skills from beginners to advanced allowing maximum participation and learning for all levels. No experience is necessary, whether you have been experimenting with art for a while, or you have never picked up a pencil or a brush before, these classes will provide skills and techniques for all skill sets with the focus to experience art.

Classes are conducted in relaxed environments, with like minded people from a familiar background. If you are current or former serving Defence personnel, we encourage you to give this a try. Your attendance will also encourage and support other veterans or mates to participate, who may be suffering as a result of service.

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Soldier On Newsletter


WA Community Newsletter

Spring is so close I can almost smell it. And with the weather warming up, those old injuries hurt a little less, so it's a great time to get out and be a part of the community.

There has been a bit going on behind the scenes so this issue is packed! Get into it!

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Vietnam Day 2016 - Long Tan Service

After a long week of bad weather mother nature put on a beautiful day to allow us to commemorate those who gave the ultimate sacrifice in Vietnam.  Below are some photos of the day.

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Military Wives Choir

The Military Wives Choir is not only for wives... but also siblings, girlfriends, mothers, aunties and children of a service member (over 18 years of age). Even acting/reserve service members can join if rehearsals and performances do not conflict with their work responsibilities.

The group has just started up and keen to encourage membership, not only for the obvious reason of having a choir but also to promote friendship, peer support, positive mental health and all that good stuff that I am sure you agree comes naturally when we join forces in community projects such as this. It also provides a very public show of support for our service men and women which you all know I am very keen to continue in everything I do. As a proud mum of a 3RAR soldier, this choir has a special place in my heart and it will be for my son that I sing.


Military Wives Choir 


100th Anniversary of the Battle of Delville Wood

South African Military Veterans Organisation of Australasia

The 100th Anniversary Commemorative Service of the

Battle of Delville Wood

To Be Held

Wednesday 20th of July 2016



Flame of Remembrance – Kings Park

July 2016 marks the centenary of South Africa’s equivalent of Gallipoli, the Battle of Delville Wood one of the bloodiest battles of World War 1 and where the fighting qualities and tenacity of the Rhodesian and South African soldier was born.

All ex-servicemen and women are requested to wear their medals

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